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"Agnes is a wonderful talent. She's a strong creative thinker with tremendous ability and vision for problem solving. She's hands-on, has highly effective communication skills in both visual design as well as the written and spoken word, is highly productive, able to multi-task and also a good leader as well as team player. She has an ease about her and gets along with all personalities while effectively communicating her needs and effectively communicating the needs of others through her design. She's A+ all around."

Ann Song,
Creative Director

"Agnes is a talented and resourceful art director who can, to quote another colleague, make a dollar out of 15 cents! In addition to creating compelling layouts while working with an understaffed, budget-constrained editorial team based in a different city, she was always lovely, patient and an all-around pleasure to work with."

Melissa Cantor,
Co-Founder & Editor at Ethica

"Agnes is a very talented art director with great taste and savvy problem solving abilities....in other words, an absolute joy to work with! We worked long distance together so even more of a feat that her warmth, talent and collaborative skills came across so clearly via email and phone. She's a gem. oh....and everyone else loved her too!"

Lisa Thackaberry,
Photo Editor, Archivist, Teacher at
Art Center College of Design